Frequently Asked Questions:

While we strive to offer the best possible service, we cannot diagnose problems over the phone. Our technician needs to see your device to correctly identify the problem. We will be glad to call you with an estimated cost of repair prior to doing any work.

Q: Is there a drop off cost?

A: Due to the large number of products dropped off and never picked up over the years, we now require a $35 non-refundable bench fee on all items dropped off. This amount is applied to the overall cost of repair.

Q: What will it cost to fix my item?

A: Cost of repair is dependent on the price of the part and part availability. Labor caps at $70.

Q: What is the cost of virus removal?

A: Virus Removal is $70. We also install a virus protection program afterwards.

Q: How long will it take to complete my repair?

A: The total amount of time is dependent on multiple factors. Number of total repairs to be completed, amount of time virus removal runs, amount of time to recover data, availability of parts and where the part is shipping from, etc. We do everything we can in order complete repairs in a timely manner. However, we have no control over part availability or shipping.